Recorded Marketing Presentations

Here are our past presentations that were taped by our sponsor, BP Studios

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June 2015

Marc Haberkorn of IBM

Topic: Product Considerations from Conception to Profits

May 2015

Jay Nachlis of JayBird Voiceovers

Topic: Advertising on radio: Valuable or Insignificant

April 2015

Neal Isaacs of VR Buisness Brokers – Raleigh

Topic: Sales & Marketing Funnels & Feedback Loops

March 2015

(sorry for the noise, it was St. Patty’s Day.)

Richard Averitte of Good Vibrations Consulting

Topic: Oh $#!%, I’m in charge of Marketing. Now What!?!?

February 2015

(that really turned out to be March due to weather issues)

Cord Sliverstein of Advocacy Social , Ellen Clemons of CRISP , & Phil Buckley of Adapt Partners

Topic: The State of Marketing Today

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