Present in Front of the Triangle’s Biggest Marketing Organization

Do you want to reach over 2600 of the greatest marketing minds in the Triangle?

Do you have an idea on a relevant topic that will have a bunch of tech savvy marketing types buzzing? Then why not present at the Triangle Marketing Club?

Every month, a group of talented marketers get together at a venue near you and hear stories from some of the greatest minds. Our sponsor, BP Studios, records the presentations and then digitally prepares them for YouTube. Some of our past speakers:

Cord Sliverstein of Advocacy Social

Ellen Clemons of Smashing Boxes

Phil Buckley of Precision Lender

Richard Averitte of Good Vibrations Consulting

Neal Isaacs of Time Warner Cable

Jay Nachlis of New Horizons Learning Center

Marc Haberkorn of IBM

Steven Keith of Centerline Digital

Kieran Wilson of Automated Insights

Get Better Well Known

New Members Can Share Information About Their Company at The Beginning of Each Meetup