About the Triangle Marketing Club

We create fun networking events for marketers in the Triangle. We learn from nationally known speakers, network with other talented marketers,& mentor the next generation of Talented Marketers. All while enjoying some of the best craft brewed beverages available. 

We’re not just digital, not just traditional, the Triangle Marketing Club was started so that marketers from around the Triangle could learn how the entire marketing process works from some of your favorite Triangle Minds.

We understand that marketing isn’t just one channel anymore. It’s about every channel operating in harmony.  Join us to learn how to figure out what channels your customer base is using to master your promotional mix and maximize your ROI!

Subject matters include:

  • How to get the most out of your online advertising?
  • Radio Advertising: Valuable or Insignificant?
  • How to set your marketing budget through understanding what every customer is worth to you?
  • Why networking is important both online and offline?
  • Product Considerations from Conception to Profits.
  • Marketing Automation: How to get started using Walk Crawl Run Strategy
  • Oh shit, I’m the head of marketing! Now what?

Our organization is designed for marketers of all experience levels, from the entry level Marketing Assistant to the Chief Marketing Officer, everyone will walk away with either a new connection or a new idea to implement.

Get Better Well Known

New Members Can Share Information About Their Company at The Beginning of Each Meetup