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28 February Tuesday

The 7 Concepts from 100 Marketing And Sales Books Every Marketer Needs to Know

28 February 2017, 18:00 - 28 February 2017, 18:00

Join Triangle Marketing Club in February as Douglas Burdett presents: 

The 7 Concepts from 100 Marketing And Sales Books Every Marketer Needs to Know

Douglas Burdett is the host of The Marketing Book Podcast, which was named by LinkedIn as one of “10 Podcasts that Will Make You a Better Marketer.” 

Each each week he publishes an interview with the author of a bestselling marketing or sales book. Recently, The Marketing Book Podcast published its 100th episode, representing 100 interviews about 100 books.

And he’s read every single book (and a few extras).

In his talk, he will share seven key concepts that every marketer and their management needs to understand in order to survive and thrive in this constantly-changing marketing era of the super-informed, super-connected buyer who doesn’t want to be marketed to.

Until then, connect with Douglas on Twitter and LinkedIn!

Douglas Burdett is the founder and principal of Artillery, a B2B marketing agency in Norfolk, VA. He is a former artillery officer and Madison Avenue ad man. In lieu of a mid-life crisis he started performing standup comedy. 

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Please note: we are asking for your first and last name to make name badges.  Many people are just using their first name and last initial.  To provide better networking and keep the amount of prep time to a minimum, we are asking that people provide their first and full last name. 

How to reach KnowledgeTree’s  Office and find a parking spot: 

The Knowledge Tree is located on the corner of Hillsborough and Henderson St.  The entrance is in the back of the building (Nehi Bottling Company).  There is a restaurant right beside the Nehi Bottling Company to the left, The Wild Cooks Indian Grill. 

There will not be a sign for The Knowledge Tree from the front.  Just know it is behind the Nehi Bottling Company, and the Indian Restaurant.

For parking:  You can either park in the lot that is pictured right behind The Knowledge Tree, on the side streets of the neighborhood surrounding it, (such as Henderson St.), or at the Dan Allen Deck a few minutes down Hillsborough St. off of Dan Allen Dr.

Traffic – Hillsborough Street is currently adding round abouts – which means they have removed the right travel lane.  You will want to leave early.  Google Maps has a feature that allows you to judge time to leave.  

Hope this helps!  We look forward to seeing you there!

Date: February 28, 2017
Time: 6:00 pm