The TMC Interns Reflect on Internet Summit 2017

Earlier this month, TMC sent 9 interns to Internet Summit 2017 in Raleigh, N.C. Our interns are the next generation of marketers, and Internet Summit was a great opportunity for them to learn and network with really cool people.

Below they’ve shared some of the key insights they got from this conference!


Rachel DiBattista
Internet Summit was such a fun and comfortable atmosphere for networking with marketers from around the world. I connected with people from so many different companies in the US and even some from Canada. The assortment of speakers was a major plus because everyone got to choose what topics they were interested in learning about.


Trish Nandwani
 I gained a lot of real world experience. It was awesome getting a chance to network and learn from professionals around the country. I loved hearing from great keynote speakers like the founder of Netflix!


I have learned about so many different aspects of the marketing community.  I got a chance to experience real world use of all vocabulary and terminology I’ve learned in the classroom over my last three years as a marketing student. Attending Internet Summit opened my eyes to the many different opportunities I have upon graduation.


Connor Thayer
Internet Summit was a wonderful opportunity to enhance my marketing education, and grow both personally and professionally. The thing I took away most from Internet Summit was a sincere appreciation for marketing, and all the hard work that people out into it. My favorite experience from Internet Summit was having the opportunity to network with a wide variety of people.


Zach Leaonard
What I enjoyed most about Internet Summit was attending the various presentations. From learning about the changing landscape of retail to using video in social media campaigns, the seminars covered exciting material and were very enjoyable for me.


Mallory Sunda
I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to attend internet summit. With my graduation in a month, it gave me professional networking experience and new digital marketing knowledge that I will soon be able to use. It was a great kickstart to get my excited about beginning of my marketing career.


Julianna Bunyea
My favorite part about Internet Summit was being able to hear all the different stories and experiences people have had within marketing. I really enjoyed being able to interact and get advice from people who once were in our position. I got to meet so many people in various areas of marketing and hopefully will be able to continue that relationship with them through TMC meet-ups.


Hannah Charles
My favorite part of the Internet Summit was the variety of speakers you could choose to hear. Marketing is such a vast field, and having to choose only one speaker out of five or six talking at the same time helped give me some insight on my interests and focus areas for my marketing career. Going to this event with my fellow interns gave me a sense of unity, and it brought us all closer which will make collaborating with them in the future that much more constructive and effective.


Colin Shelton
The 2017 Internet Summit was an incredible opportunity for an undergraduate student pursuing a marketing career like myself. I loved being inspired by summit attendees who, unlike myself, have been working in the industry for years. One of my largest takeaways is the power of using a hashtag and Twitter as a means of making a large conference like this one, small. I was able to interact with speakers moments before they took the stage or read more on their personality after they finished, giving me a further insight into their niche in the marketing industry. I hope to attend the summit next year and for years to come.

Mikki Stith
All of the speakers made me feel reinvigorated and motivated for the future of marketing! One of my key takeaways was discussed during both Seth Godin and Ann Handley’s keynotes: Markters need to embrace our unique and weird squad and think about how our squad feels and how we can help them. “People like us do things like this.”