How Journalism Can Make You A More Effective Marketer

Every good marketer is always trying to find the most effective way to move from concept to consumer through the use of brand outreach, proper advertising, and consistent customer satisfaction. This essential business action of promoting and selling products or services involves appealing to a customer base in the most creative and efficient way. If you take a moment to think about what creativity means in the world of marketing, it is logical to assume a successful marketer is also a successful story-teller. A marketing team that utilizes journalism skills provides the company’s brand with a voice that speaks volumes to a wide array of clients and customers, which in turn, is ultimately beneficial to the success of the business itself.


Point of View of the Journalists

One of the main reasons journalism can positively impact marketing is that journalists are always writing from an unbiased, not salesy, standpoint. Journalists are trained to refrain from interjecting their own opinions into their writing, therefore, when this is utilized in marketing strategies, all the information is presented without a subjective twist. This method has proven to gain interest and consistency from customers as they do not feel pressured or irritatingly persuaded by sales outlets.

Creating the Voice

The tone used by marketers is very important when appealing to customers, especially when targeting the specific demographic that a company’s service or product adheres to. Newspapers take on specific tones as well, as different news outlets have certain audiences which heed to distinct writing styles. A marketer with the right journalist skills is able to develop a well-rounded image for their brand through the use of appropriate wording, images, and a well thought out aesthetic that will yield the greatest financial prosperity for the company and customer gratification for consumers.

Although Marketing and Journalism are two seemingly different fields, the methods and approaches they consist of overlap very effectively when employing a rewarding brand image and enforcing a company’s marketing policy and practices. The ethical guidelines of journalism allow for an honorable approach to marketing towards all clients while ensuring objectivity and consumer respect. Companies of all sizes should consider applying journalism facets to their daily marketing routine, as the combination of applicable writing and experienced research skills will turn out extraordinary results.