Why Project Management is Important as a Marketer?


As a marketer, many people view us as the front of the business. As to our knowledge, what is seen and what attracts customers is on our plate. However many people do not realize how much strategy and organization is poured into the process on the way. Each marketing operation has a specific plan and outline on how to achieve its goals and objectives.

The reason of importance for merging project management with marketing is to align all team members is to have specific goals and to make sure everyone is on task to reach them.

Every marketing campaign needs to be planned out and managed in order to stay on track with finances, time frames, and practicality of the programs’ effectiveness. The reason for planning a campaign is to make sure it will return to the company and not be a waste of time and resources.

“Time is Money” is a huge reason marketing teams must be organized and have plans for each campaign they are delivering into the world. There are many tools teams can use to stay organized over longer periods with busy schedules. Having shared calendars and using apps such as Asana will help everyone be able to see timelines and mark off key checkpoints as projects progress. Effective task delegation is essential when working with several members and projects.