Sponsor Spotlight: FlowGLOBE

FlowGLOBE provides high-quality Mobile Application, custom business software, and Custom Website Development in the Raleigh/Durham area. They craft fully functional websites, software, and mobile and desktop applications using a strategic combination of user testing, design sprints, elegant UX patterns, and rapid application development technologies.

“WE specialize in working with purpose-driven companies, people, and organizations. We love solving complex problems. And, most importantly, we love helping and seeing people and organizations win. FlowGLOBE encompasses the limitless imagination of childhood when anything seemed possible and whole worlds of possibility could exist in a snow globe. The name reflects the flow of creative energy that results from the meeting of your vision with your customers want and needs.” www.flowglobe.io/about


Could you tell me about your company’s origin? How it was founded? Story behind it, etc.

Co-Founder Nathan Steele

“Well we were in between contracts, I was doing UX, he (Co-Founder Graham Whitley) was doing developing, and a client came to him and said, “Hey, let’s just do this thing together!” So it turned out to be a really good match and we continued forward.”

Co-Founder Graham Whitley

“Yeah, I’ve got a developing background, he’s got the UX background, so we both had our own skills that were pre existing.”

What products or services does your company offer?

“We offer mobile apps and websites.” Steele

“We also offer services for theselike UX design and User Interface Design.” Whitley

What is your company’s mission/goals, are there any upcoming projects or things you have planned for the next few years down the road?

“We would love to work with purpose-driven companies, but at the moment, you know, we are finding that those kind of lack the budget, I suppose. So we are focusing on companies that are making $5 million or less in annual revenue. We kind of like to have a direct connection to the business leader like the CEO, instead of with someone where something may only get sent to the CEO every once in a while.” Steele

“We would like to do some interface software, B2B software, which is smaller interface software, if that makes any sense. Where we can directly contact with the CEO.” Whitley

How would you guys describe your workplace environment/atmosphere?

“We are remote, co-working, and we also just love to get involved with the community, we come to events like this (TMC January Marketing Event). We like to meet people, we like to get involved. I guess it’s like today, we were in someone’s office in their company with them and we were drawing on a whiteboard talking to them about their product and where they want to be, we are kind of the idea guys in a lot of ways.” Whitley

Is there anything else that you would like to share with the TMC audience about your company?  

“So really we’ll come in and we’ll do the business strategy, we’ll do everything from start to finish for some cool products.” Steele

Triangle Marketing Club would like to thank FlowGLOBE again for their sponsorship and for their time spent participating in this interview. Anyone interested in connecting with FlowGLOBE can do so at Triangle Marketing Club’s next event at on February 27th.