Sponsor Spotlight: Marshall Multimedia

Marshall Multimedia is a video production company located in Wake Forest, North Carolina. As a Platinum Sponsor of Triangle Marketing Club, we couldn’t thank Marshall Multimedia enough for the support. Thank you Erik Woodard for your time, knowledge, and contributions.

“We are a video content strategy and production company… we’re a bit of a Frankenstein, the body of a video production company with the brains of video content marketing.”


What services do you offer?

“All different types of video services, so we work with all the different assets and departments of a company, including HR, sales, marketing, operations, senior leadership, anything including them trying to make their communication more effective, and more efficient. We have offered, marketing sales collateral, leadership videos to show recruitment and retention, company culture, eLearning and educational services.”

Who are your typical clients, who do you reach out to?

“We work with a broad spectrum, we have small businesses in various industries, we work with large multinational companies, and everything in-between, and we also work with agencies. Since we are not a traditional video company, instead of just churning out videos, we are actually thinking about the content marketing as a strategy. Often times marketing agencies or other creative agencies really love us for that because that’s not normally in their experience and so it’s harder for them to think about video in terms of content marketing. Most people are not used to having video as a tool, which they can use in various aspects of their business. We are coming in to consultatively guide them on how to really use video in everyday tasks to make things more efficient and more productive. “

Could you tell me about your company culture?

“It’s a small business; we have a small business culture. It’s a meritocracy, as the owner I am a strong believer that you earn what you get. I also believe in investing in people, these are two big aspects of our internal culture. “

Could you explain how you started the company, and how it is growing?

“I started the company in 2010, so we’ve been around for 8 years now. I’ve worked with a production company before, and left the company to start my own with ethical principles in mind. I wanted to create a company that was highly relational, and that’s how its been growing, with key clients and agencies that really open up their large clients for us. We’ve been growing through partnerships with agencies as well as larger direct clients. “

What would you say your biggest achievement is as a company or individually?

“Some of the senior leaderships for one of the largest multinational companies in the world, we heard SVP and C Suite level people have said “you guys are amazing, we want you to come in and start doing all of our video production work.” The exciting thing is that people see the value that we’re offering and that’s it’s more than just a product, that they see the value of us consulting, and thinking about their content marketing. We’ve been able to bring valuable content to people that just couldn’t do it or couldn’t see it, they didn’t realize it was a real potential, so we’ve opened up from our mindset and are able to offer something that is really missing out in the marketplace, which is full comprehensive from top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel content from a full range of companies. We’ve helped people save tens of hundreds of dollars as we can help them cut costs on aspects of training, like HR and acquisition. So we’ve helped on reducing expenses, we’ve helped to increase profit margins by over 200 percent, and increased overall revenue by 30 percent. “


“Video is the latest to come. Blogging was the first major push, and then people started using images, and info graphics, then starting to get to Gifs. The reason people haven’t been able to use the most effective marketing aspect, which is video, is because there was a huge gap for price per value. But we’ve come to a scaling mindset, where we’re like..Hey lets start simple, let’s grow it over time, let’s create a relationship, and people love it. So it works. “

Check out Marshall Multimedia online for any questions or inquiries about services and opportunities.

Thank you again, Marshall Multimedia, for all your support and time as a Platinum Sponsor of The Triangle Marketing Club. Your creativity and expertise in the video and media industry is inspiring and appreciated.