Sponsorship Spotlight: Oak City Properties

If you’ve ever attended a Triangle Marketing Club event, you’ve definitely noticed how evident our appreciation and admirability for our sponsors is. Without our sponsors, it is hard to imagine what TMC would be like. It is their generosity and support that allows for such wonderful events every month, so we would like to now turn the Sponsorship Spotlight to Oak City Properties, “Your One Stop Real Estate Shop!”.

Oak City Properties is a locally-owned real estate firm here in Raleigh, NC and offers a wide range of services for all of your property management needs. Recently, we’ve conducted an interview with Brent Vaughn, Director of Leasing and Sales. Continue reading to learn more about all this company has to offer for their clients!

Could you give a brief description of your company?

“Oak City Properties is a full service management company servicing the Raleigh and Wake County Market. We’re a full service brokerage firm but we first and foremost pride ourselves on property management.”

What services do you offer?

“We offer leasing, management, and residential sales. We work with buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords.”

Who are your typical clients?

“Typical clients is anybody that owns a home that would like to lease out their property and anybody that wants to live in a property that doesn’t own a home. Our market is pretty much everybody and anybody that is in the housing market that needs a place to stay or has a place that they would like to lease out to somebody else.”

Could you give the background story to how the company started?

“Myself and Jim O’Brien, we are family members that work in the industry of property management, worked with some other firms and looked around at how the industry was working and basically how it was viewed by the public. They had a bad image so we decided, hey, we can do this differently and do things better. So we opened our doors in 2012, we started with no properties and worked our way up to managing just under 300 properties here in the Raleigh area. We are one of the fastest growing property management companies in Wake County and in North Carolina. So basically we looked around and said people deserve to be treated better, there’s a better way to do this and we can do it.”

What makes your company different from the rest?

“Property management in general is the same process across the board. It’s how you interact with clients and how you treat people to earn and then maintain their business. We have a motto that is we want you to feel like part of the family. We stress the Oak City family. So we’re not re-inventing the wheel in terms of the actual process itself, it’s just our ability to communicate effectively, to be available effectively and then to follow through with what we say we are going to do. You always want to under-promise and over-produce whereas a lot of times in this industry people seem to be over-promised and under-produced.”

Is there anything else you would like to share about your company?

“Our culture, our land, and our persona of the company is to be a resource for help. Whether it be help with finding a tenant a new property to live in, whether it be a homeowner that needs to have their property leased out, we’re here to help. That’s what we want to be, we want to earn your business, we just don’t expect to be given it. That’s our culture as a business.”

Huge thanks to Brent Vaughn for taking the time to share more about Oak City Properties. The Triangle Marketing Club is so grateful to have them as a sponsor. Thanks for reading!