Video Story Telling Tips

Vlogging, documentaries, and short films are the new age way of telling great stories in any industry. A story is a true way to capture any type of audiences attention as they usually have relevant points to the viewers life. Just like back in the day short story writing in elementary school you should still follow the same procedures when trying to tell a story in a video.

To start, begin with an outline or frame of events. Head straight to the whiteboard or pen and paper to map it out by hand. Make sure you have a clear beginning middle and end points which stand out and truly capture the ideas and concepts you want the audience to remember. As you may have a clear vision in your head and want to skip out on this old fashion penmanship task- DON’T. Make sure to write out your frame so you can see it black and white, it will come in handy while piecing together clip after clip in the editing process.

Frame out a timeline and create a concept of how lengthy you want the video. Tie this back to who your audience is, generationally speaking, think about who is going to spend the most time watching the videos. Try to visualize who will click pause after the first 15 seconds, and what to include or delete to prevent this. Think about what platform or platforms you are using. For example, people will spend more time watching a video on Youtube or Facebook compared to Instagram and Twitter. Decide if you want to have multiple length copies of the same video, or just one generic one.

Once you have your content and frame mapped out don’t skimp out on professionalism. Seek out to find great editing tools and programs or other professionals in the business. There is truly something to say about great editing and will capture viewers attention from different audiences just because the visuals are attention grasping. Keep in mind video editing is also a more timely process than one would think. It is extremely hard to estimate the number of retakes and shots you will need to create the vision you want, so start early and get numerous people to watch the video over for mistakes before you post.


Videos are the new wave in marketing today as there are a prominent amount of devices, channels, and platforms for them to be posted and viewed upon. They will take more of a stance in one’s memory, compared to text, and also get more views, and engagements on social media compared to text.