What Can You Do With a Degree in Marketing?

One of the most lingering questions in your mind when picking a degree to study in college is, “What can I do with this degree?” The ultimate goal when you graduate college is to land a job in a profession that you are interested in. So, if you chose to go in the marketing degree route you likely than wonder, “What can I do with a degree in marketing?” Fortunately, there are many things you can do with a degree in marketing!

What Jobs Can You Get With a Marketing Degree?

The possibilities with a degree in marketing are endless. A degree in marketing can give you the knowledge and skills that are necessary to work in any particular industry that exist today. Here I have listed a few jobs that fit most ideally with a marketing degree;

Public Relations Manager- public relations departments are in charge of managing communications with the media, consumers, and the public. They plan and direct the creation of material that will maintain or enhance the public image of their employer or client.

Advertising Manager- an advertising manager is someone who plans and directs the promotional and advertising campaigns of companies in order to generate and inform the public of a product or service

Brand Manager- brand managers develop and direct marketing efforts in order to increase the value and performance of a specific brand, service or product. Brand managers are also responsible for developing a brand’s profit and loss performance, image and positioning compared to competitors.

Media Buyer- media buyers purchase advertising space in print, outdoor, broadcast, and online outlets, such as magazines, billboards, radio stations, television stations, and websites. Media buyers usually work with advertising agencies or individual companies.

Meeting, Convention and Event Planners- these specific planners typically inspect venues to ensure that they meet the business or client’s requirements. They also coordinate event services such as rooms, transportation, and food services. Lastly, they monitor event activities to ensure the client and event attendees are satisfied.

Chief Marketing Officer- Chief Marketing Officer, CMO for short, is responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of an organization’s marketing and advertising initiatives. They also ensure the organization’s message is distributed across channels and to targeted audiences in order to meet sales objectives

Overall, there is many things you can do with a marketing degree. There is basically no limits or restrictions and always remember employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject, so don’t restrict yourself ?

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