8 Steps on How to Find Your True Target Market

You may think you know, but do you really know?

The question is, how well do you know your Target Market?



In this article you will learn the steps on how to successfully find your true target market, and how to use that to create a better Marketing Strategy.


The truth is, a product/service can speak to people in so many different ways.  Therefore finding out who your message appeals to the most and why, is so important.  It helps lead you to increased sales by better understanding how to reach that targeted audience and how to maintain your relationship with them.

Here is how to completely become aware of your focused target market by using these 8 steps.


1. Find out your story


Why did the company originate in the first place?

What has always been it’s main purpose?  What should be accomplished in it’s legacy?  If you wanted your customers to know the most important thing about it, what would that be?  Why did you choose to sell what you sell?  What kind of message do you try to get across to customers when your path’s meet?  This should be consistent and meaningful in order to successfully reach people.  Once you have a clear answer to these questions, it will be easier to find out what type of person will appreciate your product the most.

Which brings us to the next step…


2. Extensive research on customers

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Extensive research needs to be done in order to fully comprehend your past, current, and future customers.  In turn hopefully you will find your strengths and weaknesses in reaching your most valued customers and how to gain new ones.

Research has to be done in order to better define your target market.  Once that is underway, it is time to design a profile that symbolizes the specified group of people you are trying to reach the most.


3. Create a specified customer profile


Once you have done all the research you can do, and have found the perfect match where customer needs meet with yours, write down everything you know about that personality type.  From types of brands they like not including yours, to favorite hobbies, literally everything.

Then see if there is a common factor with this group of people.  Figure out if and how you can use that to your advantage when marketing to such person.  This will help you be more sure on your next step.


4. Does the shoe fit?


Once all of your research and clarifying has been conducted, make sure it all makes sense.  Does the shoe you are trying to sell fit the person you are trying to reach?  If not, more than likely you will have to go back and do more research or find a better fitting target market.

If you had issues in the past with reaching your specified target market, a lot of it had to do with your marketing.  Therefore figuring out the next step is vital in order to truly reach your desired customer.


5. Define customers soft spots


Now since you have a complete understanding of your target market, identify what makes them tick.  What triggers them to take the final step in purchasing your product?  How do you get them there?  This is super important to figure out because it immediately strengthens your marketing strategy.  It also makes the planning stage a lot easier when you know who you are trying to hit, where, and why.


6. Develop a plan to reach them


Marketing is the language sellers and buyers speak.  If it is not spoken in the clearest way, it could severely alter the message.  Therefore really consider all of the data you have found when developing your marketing plan.  Use that information to your advantage and tailor it to your preferred customers.


7. Does everything match up?


Once the marketing strategy has been developed, make sure it all makes sense.  Don’t let all of that hard work you have done go to waste.  Take a look at your research, your customer profile, and your marketing plan.  Is it consistent and clear?  If not then maybe you should go back and reevaluate your steps.  If it is, you are ready to put those brilliant marketing ideas into action.

After the campaign has been going for a couple months it is time to collect as much data as you can.  It is a good idea to decide ahead of time when you should start collecting results and why.  There should be a reason for everything.


8. Check and compare the results


This final step should never be skipped.  It is what will get you to a great marketing campaign to one that is award worthy.  Take a look at the progress you made before and after truly defining your target market.  Was there dramatic success?  If so where was that shown the most, and why do you think that was?

Hopefully by the end of this process you are reminded why your business exists, have a better understanding of who you are trying to sell too, and know more about what works, and what doesn’t.  Just remember to make it simple, keep it consistent, and do your research.


Wish you all the best!

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