October Recap: Martin Weinberg

Triangle Marketing Club strives to bring individuals with similar interests together once a month to exchange marketing understandings from guest speakers. These speakers offer interactive presentations, engaging conversations, and provide industry-specific content to those in attendance. On Tuesday night, October 24, TMC held an event coupled with free craft beer, cheesy bread from Marco’s and a terrific guest speaker, Martin Weinberg of SEMrush.

It’s worth mentioning, all in attendance leave making new connections and learning something different from our guest speaker. We like cool stuff too which is why we gave away a portable battery for mobile devices for a lucky guest. TMC would also take the time to recognize our sponsors including Adapt Partners, BP Studios, Live Nation Carolinas, and Springboard Promotions. We would not be where we are today without your help.


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Martin Weinberg spent last Tuesday night discussing ways on how to discover new online prospects. It can be easy to fall into the same keyword research groove. Having your data move in circles can be a headache in itself. You may be thinking to yourself, how does one begin this process? Martin believes the answer lies within your own pocket.



POQT stands for Problem, Opportunity, Question, Thought. 15% of searches on Google have never been seen before. That means there are 495,000,000 novel and unique searches, a big opportunity for you and your business.

It goes without saying, the opportunity is out there, you just have to know where to look to plan those new seed ideas. If you ask Martin, here is where another acronym comes into play, ZMOT, the zero moment of truth. Simply put, ZMOT is the point in the buying cycle when the consumer examines a product before the seller even knows that they exist. Going back to the topic of new seed ideas, this is a pivotal point in the ZMOT process. If we can get a hand before the second moment of truth, gaining new prospects will be much easier.




Online communities are great starting points. A few that come to mind are Wikipedia and Quora. Reading the description of a search entry will offer you semantic meanings you can use adopt. Another great source of online communities is customer reviews on websites. Similarly, checking these will allow you to “eavesdrop” on actual people’s words from their personal experiences.  

Twitter is a valuable resource for finding new customers. It allows you to follow trends in real time people are hopping on.  Moving on, searching for conferences and your products is a great strategy. Here you may find a collection of current concepts that are current now between your products and topics discussed at such conference. An internal search bar on your company website will do wonders too in identifying new online prospects. It is not uncommon to identify themes with the search information loaded. From that point, segmenting the data is the next step. Inquiry forms on your website are your friend too.




If none of the strategies work for you, try free keyword researching tools. AnswerThePublic is a website where you type in a keyword and multiple questions involving the keyword pop up.


Once again, we would like to thank our guest speaker, Martin Weinberg, for his great presentation and joining us on October 24. Prospecting new online clients can be tricky but after Martin’s presentation, we hope you leave feeling better equipped to handle this process.  Moving on, we would love to see you at our next event on, November 14. At that time, we are thrilled to announce Tom Simon will be giving a presentation on ” How to Build An AIrplane While Falling to the Ground” @ 6:00 p.m. Come out and join us!