Welcome to Triangle Marketing Club
Watch Good Vibration Consulting's Richard Averitte -
"Oh S*** I'm the Head of Marketing, What do I do now?"

Welcome to Triangle Marketing Club

Next Meeting Date & Time:
Tuesday September 15th at 6:30 PM


Digital Telethon Take Aways with Food Bank of Central NC

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Our Mission is to constantly Learn, Network, and Grow.


Are you a student looking to make connections and transition into professional life?

Connect with us to learn how to network, find your path in marketing, and a find a great culture fit for your first job.

One that will let you thrive, not just survive.


Are you a professional looking to make valuable connections in the Triangle Area?
Are you looking to show off your marketing knowledge through a presentation or guest blogging?

Connect with us to get updates on the monthly meetings and to connect with other talented marketers.