The Matchup: Sales vs. Marketing

Marketing and Sales. Sales and Marketing. These two business activities are so closely intertwined that many people lump them together without giving it a second thought. But when they’re matched up, you will see there’s more to marketing and sales than you may realize. They both aim to generate revenue within a business, but each come with their own responsibilities.


First Round: The Difference

Despite what you think you may know, sales and marketing are NOT the same. So, what is the difference? Marketing is the research and planning you do to reach potential customers. Sales on the other hand is what must be done to actually close a deal with a customer. Think of marketing as the “big picture” idea and sales as the details that fulfill that idea.

Another interesting point is that marketing is constantly changing while sales generally stays the same. Social media and internet marketing are some of the main advertising that companies do today– and it wasn’t even available 10 years ago! Selling to people hasn’t changed all that much, as long as two or more people are having a conversation or transaction, sales is happening.


Second Round: The Focus

Everyone knows the main focus of a company is to increase revenue. Money = yay! Marketing and sales are no different, they both are used to make a business more money. But they are used in different ways. Marketing focuses on the future by promoting to customers the products a business offers and generating interest. The focus of sales is to close deals and increase sales volumes for the business.


Third Round: The Techniques

Because marketing and sales are different from each other, each has their own process and techniques you need to be aware of. Marketing includes activities like advertising, branding, and public relations that can reach as many prospects as possible. Broad tactics work best for marketing as the message is going out to a large group of people. However, sales is all about the interpersonal relationships, like cold calling and networking. If you work in sales your objective is to individualize and personalize the message marketing has created to a specific customer.

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Final Round: The Integration

Even though marketing and sales are different, the two must be integrated for a business to be successful. Marketing reaches prospects and sales turns those prospects into paying customers. But that connection can’t happen unless the two are intertwined. Marketing to customers should be segmented, and more interested potential customers can then be transferred to sales to close a deal. It’s all about balance and working together to generate happy customers and money for your business!

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