Sponsorship Spotlight: Scott Evans

Triangle Marketing Club, the premiere networking event for marketers in and around the Triangle area, recognize that there are special driving forces behind each monthly meeting—our club sponsors. Sponsors come from varying areas of expertise, providing a wide range of diversity to the club members. The majority of sponsors are in the marketing field, some from the creative side of marketing, which leads us to Scott Evans, founder, and president of Scott Evans Brand + Design Communications (SEB+DC).

Established in 2010, SEB+DC is an award winning creative services group that has gained the reputation for delivering strategic, highly creative, and targeted visual communications solutions for its clients—a majority of which are those working in various corporate marketing positions.

When asked why he chose to start his own company, Scott said he has always considered the idea of, one day, starting his own business. However, similar to most of our plans, years passed on and he found himself living the typical American life: wife, kids, mortgage payment, etc. The “right time” never seemed to present itself.

In late 2009, Scott saw the opportunity to take that leap and officially opened his doors in January of 2010. As any entrepreneur would know, there were more downs than ups within the first couple years. His company showed its first profit in 2013, then in 2015, Scott broke his own personal “glass ceiling by showing a gross profit that exceeded his best-ever year as Vice President of Creative Services with his former employer’s agency.

Scott Evans Brand + Design Communications offers a variety of creative services for its marketing clients, to include, brand and design communications services, both digital and print, as well as providing traditional creative and art direction services as well. One example would be something all Triangle Marketing Club members are likely familiar with–the TMC logo—in which SEB+DC created for us!

The overarching mission statement, “Marketing by Design,” plays a primary role in SEB+DC’s general culture. Scott has a vast understanding of today’s marketing processes, having studied trends and best practices prior to installing a marketing plan for his own company. Also, he’s been asked several times to join his client’s internal marketing team on a contract basis, serving as “Ad Hoc” Creative Director and creative consultant.

In Scott’s view, to get one’s message noticed in today’s marketplace is more challenging than ever. Due to this need to differentiate oneself, SEB+DC is committed to delivering on-target solutions, for maximum impact, and increased brand lift. Helping their clients turn prospects into customers, and customers into advocates. Throughout the sales funnel, from lead generation to conversion, Scott remarked that SEB+DC’s goal is to collaborate with their client as their creative partner in helping to drive their marketing activities and ultimately meet and exceed their strategic and tactical goals.

SEB+DC has a history of partnering with companies of all sizes, but, Scott says, “the global Fortune 500 corporations are really in our wheelhouse. Our unique combination of strategic thinking, creative excellence, and exemplary customer service has allowed for a history of serving clients of all sizes—be it a start-up that needs turnkey branding services or the global giants. And we work with clients both worldwide as well as right next door!”

What makes this company so unique is that their success is grounded within the framework of the “Marketing by Design” approach. Meaning, their work serves as a mission-critical strategic business partner to their marketing clients, not merely a facilitator of pre-formed initiatives. SEB+DC is that teams with its clients to clarify and distil their key messaging, drive creative that is aligned with strategic initiatives, objectives, and goals, and ultimately deliver targeted, high-impact, on-brand creative solutions.

When asked about long-term goals, Scott stated “to grow SEB+DC into a high-level branding and design group, focused keenly on the needs of the ever-changing marketing community. To demonstrate that, when design and branding walk in lockstep with marketing, the synergy created is the secret ingredient to enhanced success, both in conversion rates, and ultimately, ROI.”

Over the past seven years, Scott, being the “Chief Business Development Officer,” (along with virtually ever other role at any given time!)  has had the opportunity to meet and work with many marketing professionals throughout the Triangle and beyond. Many of which have become good friends both professionally as well as personally. “And that,” says Scott, “is maybe THE most rewarding part of owning and operating Scott Evans Brand + Design Communications.”

Triangle Marketing Club thanks Scott Evans for his sponsorship and helping make TMC what it is today!

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