Super Bowl LI Advertisements: What’s Your Favorite?

The biggest sporting event of the year is about to arrive: Super Bowl LI, which ironically doesn’t involve any bowling at all. Companies pay over $5 million for a 30 second commercial during the game, and whether they’re adorable or terrifying, they certainly are memorable. Let’s have a look at some of the best contenders of 2017.

Many brands have decided to get political this year, showcasing their stance on some of the more controversial decisions that have occurred in the past month. Budweiser has already released a commercial featuring a German immigrant entering the United States, only to reveal at the end he is Adolphus Busch, one of the founders of Anheuser-Busch beer. This commercial is certain to turn heads with its powerful message concerning foreign newcomers entering America.

Equal Opportunity Rights RaleighAudi has released an emotional ad featuring their commitment to equal pay for equal work, showing a young girl go-kart racing with boys on a track as her father narrates his worries about her value. The fight for gender equality in the workforce has been a struggle for hundreds of years, but it still continues, and the publicity this commercial will receive can only help the progressive side of the war.

Award-winning actress Melissa McCarthy stars in Kia’s new commercial about an environmentalist trying to save the whales, trees, ice caps, and more. However, as she catapults back to a boat, splits an iceberg, and is nearly gored by a rhino, Kia reveals that it’s much easier to drive like an environmentalist in their new Kia hybrid. Kia encourages an awareness for our rapidly degenerating environment and proposes a hybrid electric car as a solution to the millions of viewers of the Super Bowl.

Raleigh Super Bowl AdsFinally, we have Justin Bieber showcasing a series of terrible dance moves for T-mobile’s new unlimited data feature. It may be irritating and cringe-worthy, but you can bet that Bieber’s “shimmity shim sham sham shoomity shake” is sure to stick in your head all evening. T-mobile has completely avoided any political references in this advertisement, perhaps a welcome break for those who simply want to enjoy a football game.

Many memorable commercials are sure to be shown this Sunday at 6:30pm for the Super Bowl LI. Keep an eye out for a super clean Mr. Clean and Jon Lovitz’s head floating around to promote avocados. What’s your favorite ad so far? Let us know!

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