The Evolution of Marketing

The concept of marketing has changed over time and still continues to change to this day. Marketing supposedly evolved through classical stages as well as contemporary stages. These distinct eras are taught in business schools and well as to future marketing professionals. As these eras progressed, the concept of marketing became stronger.

The Simple Trade Era and Production Era

In the Simple Trade era, the focus of marketing activity was the trading of resources as well as exploration. In the mid 19th century, commodities of commerce were a staple in the economy. Everything was done by hand including the harvesting or making of products to trade. The industrial revolution made the Simple Trade Era vanish and bring a completely new era of marketing, the Production era. In this era, the primary driver of sales was mass production. Manufacturing effectively and efficiently was the main concern for businesses. Businesses believed that mass production was the marketing technique of this era. They thought that if products will be made, people will buy them.  This was a simpler time with a simple marketing conception.

The Sales Era

competition-photoThe Sales era was the era of competition. Businesses could no longer easily sell their mass made products. It increasingly became more difficult for companies to sell products to consumers. This era is where we see the concept of marketing as it is today emerge. Companies had to aggressively promote their products and persuade consumers in order to sell products.
Relationship Era

Following the sales era was the relationship era. Long term relationships between consumers and companies were a priority. This built consumer trust and loyalty, allowing them to return as regulars and keep the business successful. shaking-hands-photoBusinesses preferred returning customers rather than customers of a single time appearance. Was this a good marketing strategy? I think yes! Wouldn’t you prefer to buy a product from a company you trust?


Social Marketing Era

In my opinion, this era was a game changer for the marketing field. Through the internet and social media, businesses could easily reach out and stay in contact with their clients. Communication and social media are key ideas of this era. The Social Marketing era is where social connections with clients through various platforms of social media. Blogs, advertisements, and other ways of reaching out to people became popular. By 2012, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and company blogs were the reigning forms of networking and communication.

The simple trade, production, sales, relationship, social media, and other related eras are the building blocks of the concept of marketing. Each of these eras contributed to how we perceive marketing in the present day. The concept of marketing will continue to evolve for future marketing leaders to interpret and understand.

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