Using LInkedIn as a Career Booster

Everything is done online, these days. There’s no doubt about it. This is why LinkedIn has become so important in the marketing world. As a college student, you should be building your profile and expanding your network. When you apply for a job, you can be sure that the company will be searching your name on LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to show others everything you’ve accomplished. You can put a lot more on a LinkedIn account than you can on your resume.

LinkedIn gives you access to employers from around the world. You can search available jobs and see who’s hiring. You can message anyone on LinkedIn, especially hiring managers, and get your foot in the door when trying to secure a job.

Make sure that you are adding as many connections to your LinkedIn account, as possible. If an employer sees that you have a broad network, they will assume that you are good at networking, have good communication skills, and have the potential to use your connections in a beneficial way for the company.

Once you have secured a job, your LinkedIn connections will prove to be more valuable than you realize. For example, if you move on to another job from your entry level position, your contacts will follow you. If you move to a new company, you can still use your LinkedIn connections to be successful at the new organization. Employers will see your growing network and will want access to your connections.

LinkedIn is a great way to boost your career and promote yourself to business professionals. Make sure your account is stacked with your achievements and skills and loaded with connections. Then, watch your career take off!

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