What’s in a Name? Branding With Your Name


Do you often introduce yourself to someone by a certain name to make life easier? Is your name unique? Names are very powerful. They distinguish you from every other person out there. Some names are more common than others, which is why we have surnames. A name can get pretty complex. It is the first thing someone learns about you, which is why your name is a piece of your personal brand.


Personal Experience

When someone asks for my name, I usually say “Trish” because it is short, sweet, and easy to pronounce. Occasionally, a person will ask “is that short for something, like Patricia?” This is because “Patricia” is a commonly known name. However, when I say my name is “Trishna,” those two extra little letters can easily make someone uncomfortable. When ordering coffee at Starbucks, I am often asked to spell my name out. This can delay when I get my coffee, which is why I just stick with the simplified version. I also almost never mention my last name, which is “Nandwani,” because again it is not a well known name that is easy to pronounce.


The American Dream

Even those who are trying to achieve the “American Dream” often adopt a common American name. Many people of foreign countries do so because it is of convenience to others as well as themselves. With different countries that have different languages, pronunciation is very important. However, all alphabets are not the same. So in order to be recognized, many find a name similar to their own or shorten their name if possible.  For example, Trishna becomes Trish, and Shera can be interchanged with Sarah.



So how does this relate to branding? You want someone, especially a potential employer, to remember your name. It might not be as easy to remember your name if it is not a common one. That is why we shorten our name, create nicknames, or even go by our middle name because it “sounds better” than our first name. Have you seen the Disney movie Tangled? Well, Flynn Rider would much rather be called that than his actual name, Eugene Fitzherbert. Many people can relate.

It’s always a good idea to be aware of names. It can get quite tedious when people constantly say your name incorrectly. In fact, the situation might have you singing the song “That’s Not My Name” by the Ting Tings, in your head. It is very important to make someone feel comfortable around you and getting their name right is a great way to start. Also, if someone says your name wrong, it is perfectly alright to correct them! Remember that your name defines you and represents your personal brand! Your name is the beginning of the exposition of your personal story!

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