Why Students Should Attend Networking Events

Upon graduation, every college student’s main goal is to land a full-time job. That’s why they spend countless hours going to class, doing homework, stud
tmc-blog-pic-300x225ying, and taking tests, right? All of your hard work is supposed to result in you landing a crucial job upon graduation, but that’s not always the case.

Attending networking events is just as, if not more, important than getting good grades. Networking will open up so many doors for you, making it easier  to secure that job. At these events, you will meet experienced professionals who will potentially be looking to hire new employees, or they will know someone who is hiring.

When you attend networking events, you put yourself ahead of everyone competing for the same jobs as you. There are many topics/ideas why attending networking events are so important to you as a college student: (1) “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” (2) Communication skills are key, and (3) Everyone needs connections and friends.

“It’s Not What You Know,It’s Who You Know”

Everyone has heard this expression before, but it couldn’t be more true, especially in today’s world. In today’s competitive job market, your GPA will not be enough to put you ahead of your competition, even if you have an impressive 4.0.
tmc-blog-pic-2-300x200Imagine this situation…You apply for your dream job, but find out there are ten other applicants. Everyone who applied  has relatively close GPA’s and work experience. Here’s the difference –  you know the hiring manager. You met them at a networking event, and you made a great first impression. Guess who gets the job?

You do.

Click here to read Edward Mullen’s article, explaining why the job market is easier to take control of if you know how to network.

The more people you know, the easier it is to find someone who will hire you.

Communication Skills are Key

The best way to improve any skill is through practice. Networking is the best way to learn how to talk to and communicate with people. When you attend networking events, you will meet new people while becoming a great conversationalist.

After your first or second networking event, you will find yourself unafraid of walking up to someone new and introducing yourself to them. You will be able to sell yourself to potential employers and promote your own personal brand.

The communication skills you develop at networking events will help you land a job. Then, once you are working in your field, your communication skills will help you stand out and impress everyone at your company.

Network as much as possible and become an effective communicator.

Everyone Needs Connections and Friendstmc-blog-pic-3

Your goal at every networking event you attend should always be to walk away with as many business cards as possible. You should always walk away from a conversation with their business card in your hand, and your card in their hand. The connections you make at networking events are vital to you expanding your own personal network.

After the event, you can use your newly gathered business cards to connect with everyone you just met on LinkedIn. (If you are a business major, hopefully you have a LinkedIn account!) Building your network will pay off when it comes time to finding that perfect job.

Networking events also helps you create friendships. You will meet many more people that aren’t hiring or they are people just like you; a college student who hopes to find a job. When you meet these people, talk to them. Learn about their lives and what they are doing to help build their network. They might have some great advice for you that will help you find what you’re looking for.

No matter who you run into at networking events, remember that they can all help you, and you can help them.


Networking is the best way to put yourself ahead of your competition. Expand your network and make new connections and friends. If you’re looking for a networking event, come out to Triangle Marketing Club’s next event at KnowledgeTree in Raleigh, on Tuesday, October 25. RSVP for the event here!

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