Why #TMCTonight

Are you interested in meeting talented professionals from the Triangle area? Or, learning about awesome topics to incorporate within your skillset? Then Triangle Marketing Club may be the perfect place for you! There are endless opportunities within this organization, and I can promise that if you attend one of these monthly events, you will leave with a numerous amount of connections.

I’m sure you’re currently thinking to yourself, “This sounds great, but I’d like to know more.” Well, have no fear, because you are about to find out exactly why you should attend #TMCtonight.

Multiple Opportunities to Network

Triangle Marketing Club holds an event on one weekday evening every month. On average, the events usually last around two hours so there is plenty of time to make multiple connections. The first portion of the event is dedicated specifically to networking. Marketers from all over the Triangle come together to network with one another at these events.

If you want to get a head start on networking prior to the event, you can check out the TMC Meetup page to see who has already RSVP’d. If you see someone you are interested in meeting, go ahead and find them on LinkedIn. Once you two are connected, send that person a message and tell them that you too are attending the TMC event, and you’d really like the opportunity to get to know them.

After the event, I highly recommend reaching out to your new connections on LinkedIn or through their contact information from their business card. This way you can continue to build the relationship with them and expand your network. Also, Meetup has a neat feature that allows you to send each person that you see at the event a “Good to see you” message. I personally really like this Meetup attribute because it helps remind each person who I am and that I enjoyed the opportunity to talk with them.

Brilliant Speakers

The second part of the TMC events is reserved for spectacular presentations. All of the TMC speakers are very talented and have a lot of real world experience. Within the past year alone, we have had some awesome presenters such as:

Tera Simon Dean Logan
Brad Grantham Dan London
Phil Buckley Jenny Halasz
Patrick Stox Russ Jones
Marty Martin Lindsey Boggs
Brandon Ives Christian Etheridge
Jeffrey Slater Penn Holderness

We love our speakers, and we can’t wait to welcome more knowledgeable presenters to the Triangle Marketing Club events next year! If you haven’t already, go ahead and take a look at the Meetup page to see some of the speakers who have already confirmed a date in 2017.

Free Admission, Food, Beer, and SWAG

These events are completely free to attend! Not only that but also, TMC provides free beer from Compass Rose Brewery and some delicious appetizers to snack on while you network your way around the room and gain knowledge from relevant topics.

Also, at each event, you will be given the chance to win something totally awesome! For instance, we often give away a pair of free concert tickets courtesy of our sponsor, Live Nation. Another one of our sponsors, Proforma, also provides really cool giveaway items for each event.

On top of the giveaway items, Proforma and BP Studios have provided some of our previous events with great SWAG items at the check-in table.

For example, some SWAG items that Proforma has given out are hand sanitizers, chapstick, and bottle openers. Our other sponsor, BP Studios, has also given out SWAG before at some of our events like the phone screen cleaners that can be attached to the back of a cell phone.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons for why you should attend #TMCtonight. We have some wonderful sponsors, talented speakers, and a great team that all contribute to the success of our monthly Triangle Marketing Club events.

If you don’t believe me, I highly encourage you to come see for yourself!


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