March 2018

Using Onsite Search as a Conversion Multiplier

JP Sherman of RedHat presented in March of 2018. From this video you will learn:

– Why is onsite search essential for marketers, analysts & business intelligence?
– Understanding the predictable behaviors of users as they search?
– How can you improve the results for your onsite search?
– How to measure data from onsite search & turn it into intelligence?
– Why UI/UX is critical
– How to not be Google & be useful for your customers.

June 2016

The Panel  Marty Martin, CEO of Adapt Partners, Technical SEO Agency;  Russ Jones, Principal Search Scientist at Moz Patrick Stox, SEO Specialist for IBM; Jenny Halasz, President of JLH Marketing

And MCed by Phil Buckley, Director, Technical Search of Adapt Partners, Technical SEO Agency

Topic: SEO Round Table: A Panel Discussion On What You Need to Know to Flourish Online

Category: SEO